Category Tool Description
binary afl State-of-the-art fuzzer.
binary barf Binary Analysis and Reverse-engineering Framework.
binary bindead A static analysis tool for binaries.
binary checksec Check binary hardening settings.
binary crosstool-ng Cross-compilers and cross-architecture tools.
binary gdb Up-to-date gdb with python2 bindings.
binary peda Enhanced environment for gdb.
binary preeny A collection of helpful preloads (compiled for many architectures!).
binary villoc Visualization of heap operations.
binary qemu Latest version of qemu!
binary pwntools Useful CTF utilities.
binary python-pin Python bindings for pin.
binary radare2 Some crazy thing crowell likes.
binary shellnoob Shellcode writing helper.
binary taintgrind A valgrind taint analysis tool.
binary qira Parallel, timeless debugger.
binary xrop Gadget finder.
binary rp++ Another gadget finder.
forensics binwalk Firmware (and arbitrary file) analysis tool.
forensics dislocker Tool for reading Bitlocker encrypted partitions.
forensics firmware-mod-kit Tools for firmware packing/unpacking.
forensics testdisk Testdisk and photorec for file recovery.
forensics pdf-parser Tool for digging in PDF files
crypto cribdrag Interactive crib dragging tool (for crypto).
crypto hashpump A tool for performing hash length extension attaacks.
crypto hashpump-partialhash Hashpump, supporting partially-unknown hashes.
crypto hash-identifier Simple hash algorithm identifier.
crypto littleblackbox Database of private SSL/SSH keys for embedded devices.
crypto pemcrack SSL PEM file cracker.
crypto reveng CRC finder.
crypto sslsplit SSL/TLS MITM.
crypto python-paddingoracle Padding oracle attack automation.
crypto xortool XOR analysis tool.
web burp Web proxy to do naughty web stuff.
web dirs3arch Web path scanner.
web sqlmap SQL injection automation engine.
stego sound-visualizer Audio file visualization.
stego stegdetect Steganography detection/breaking tool.
stego steganabara Antoher image steganography solver.
stego stegsolve Image steganography solver.
android APKTool Dissect, dis-assemble, and re-pack Android APKs


Category Tool Description
game Dwarf Fortress Something to help you relax after a CTF!


[root@localhost software]# git clone https://github.com/zardus/ctf-tools.git


# set up the path
/path/to/ctf-tools/bin/manage-tools setup
source ~/.bashrc

# list the available tools
manage-tools list

# install gdb, allowing it to try to sudo install dependencies
manage-tools -s install gdb

# install pwntools, but don't let it sudo install dependencies
manage-tools install pwntools

# uninstall gdb
manage-tools uninstall gdb

# uninstall all tools
manage-tools uninstall all


1. 创建一个`工具名称`的目录
2. 创建一个`install`的安装脚本
3. 如果需要特殊的卸载步骤,还要创建一个`uninstall`的脚本,用来卸载

原文地址: http://www.codefrom.com/c/43



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